Migombani Botanical Garden

Established in 1870, the Migombani Botanical Garden is the only botanic garden in Zanzibar and is also one of Zanzibar’s historical sites. It is a little piece of heaven within the city limits. Rare plants and trees, beautiful butterflies and colourful flowers make it worth a visit.

The Garden has played a vital role as a testing
ground for newly introduced economic plants and in developing agriculture in Zanzibar.

The garden developed a collection of exotic and indigenous species, and the Garden was used as an arboretum for educational purposes and as a nursery for selling seedlings. The Garden is also one of Zanzibar’s historical sites.

The Garden is currently under the management of the Zanzibar Municipality Council and is run by volunteers. Without them, the garden would probably have disappeared.

The biggest challenges are encroachment by unlawful buildings, cutting trees/plants, illegally growing crops, habitat destruction, plastic pollution, and littering. The Garden needs all support to survive, so please donate when you visit. Any amount is welcome. The donation box is in the restaurant.

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