Campaign Against Illegal Bird Trapping

Illegal trapping of birds is a persistent problem in Zanzibar – one that ZABISO will dedicate a lot of its time and energy campaigning against. But we need your help if we are to be more effective in combating this problem: be our eyes and ears.

The campaign against illegal bird killing is one of the key, long-term activities of ZABISO, as it constitutes a serious and persistent problem in Zanzibar. The actions undertaken by ZABISO to tackle this problem can be separated into three main categories: monitoring, lobbying and awareness-raising 
Bird trapping is an illegal, non-selective, and cruel practice that is carried out in Zanzibar. It involves the indiscriminate and large-scale killing of hundreds of birds (and other wildlife) every year and can decrease bird populations and drive rare species towards extinction.

Historically, trapped birds were a food supplement for the mostly poor island inhabitants living off the land in addition to illegal Bird-trade.

If you have witnessed any violations of the hunting law then please report these to the relevant authorities at once.

Please also let ZABISO know, so we can keep track of the problem and increase our pressure for effective enforcement action.