Overview of Key Activities

Completed/previous activities:

  • Engage in partnership with Birdlife International and International Wader Study Group
  • Establish liaison with Tanzania Bird Atlas
  • Adaptation of observation.org for regional needs of Zanzibar

Ongoing/started activities:

  • The organisation of an International Waterbird Census (IWC) in Zanzibar
  • Compilation of literature and studies and establishment of a library on the birds of Zanzibar
  • Cooperation with E-bird, Observation.org and Avibase to generate up-to-date checklists, regional filters Etc.
  • Bird checklist Zanzibar in Kiswahili, English and other languages
  • House Crow eradication
  • Collection of optical equipment (binoculars etc.)
  • Research on endemic Fisher’s Turaco subspecies

See Project page for the latest information

Envisaged/Planned activities

  • species-specific conservation actions of threatened birds in Zanzibar
  • Monitoring of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas and lobbying for their increased protection. See Birdlife IBA monitoring
  • Zanzibar Bird ringing Programme
  • Studies on Ecology and Distribution of some selected Endemic bird species
  • Environmental advice, assistance and presentations to government, military, landowners and the public
  • A campaign against illegal poaching and trapping
  • Product development Programme for “Bird Friendly Hotels”
  • Bird Guide Training programme
  • Promotion of bird tourism, particularly at Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, as a means to create an incentive for citizens to take an interest in the conservation of Zanzibar’s birds and habitats.
  • Environmental education, largely targeting schools and the general public
  • Promoting bird watching as an extracurricular activity among secondary schools
  • Slide shows, talks and lectures on birdwatching and nature conservation
  • Membership activities, aiming to increase the appreciation of birds in Zanzibar 
  • Weekend birdwatching outings to various bird habitats in Zanzibar
  • Organise birdwatching tours to mainland Tanzania
  • Lobby for the nomination of Chwaka Bay as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar convention
  • Liaison with the Natural History Museum Zanzibar (based in Stone Town) as the archipelago’s archive
  • Support the ecological restoration and safeguarding of Bwawani wetland